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Ms Peggy Mahy

Principal's Desk

When a community combines the work of passionate teachers; adds creativity, engagement and attentiveness from our students; and then provides occasions for purposeful coming together and powerful role modelling, then you have magic at work.

Rev Beth Donnelly

School Chaplain

It's a truly wonderful thing to witness young children dance in a way that channels pure, undiluted joy. That is how I felt when I was watching the infants production this week, and more specifically, a dance to a classical piece of music where the kids begin as "ice berg", under a white sheet.

Mr Nick Martin

Junior School

Last night it was my absolute pleasure to sit in the audience and watch the Infant’s Production: A Land of Snow and Ice. The show was slick and professional and showcased the singing, dancing and acting of our K-2 students.

Junior School Calendar

Mrs Kylie Dorsett

Year 6 Exhibition Update

Exhibition is an opportunity for students to undertake independent, in-depth inquiry into a topic of their choice. Students choose a topic that relates to our shared central idea: Communities struggle to find a balance between meeting needs and caring for the environment.



As the current Basketball season starts to move towards finals. I would like to thank all the Players, Coaches, Managers and Parents for their support throughout the season.

Mrs Liz Heitmeyer

Music and Arts

Those who were lucky enough to be uplifted by our Infants performers will know how lucky they are. My superlatives will not do it justice, but I thought the following words from our Year 3 audience members were not only accurate, but a demonstration of how we can use words to make others feel better and show appreciation.

Mrs Liz Heitmeyer

Co-Curricular Program 2019

Our Co-Curricular Program for 2019 is about to be launched and it is timely to point out a few key features.

Mr Tom Mewett

Pipe Band

Last weekend The Scots School Albury Pipe Band enjoyed a very successful outing at the 2018 Beechworth Celtic Festival and 2nd annual Beechworth Tattoo.

Mrs Janet Westland

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